Back Catalog

I’ll be totally honest here, some of this material has aged quite badly over the years, however I had a couple of old band mates ask me to put this together for them so it’s all available in one place. It’s funny looking back on how far i’ve come as a musician, and although some of it is a little cringeworthy, they all have fond memories. For your convenience, this is also available on Soundcloud –

Dangerous Innsersense Circa 1998 (Anton Robins – Bass, Kenn – Vox, Cam – Guitar, Paul – Drums)

Crazy Lady



Safe with You

Excuse Me

Where am I going

Mr Asshole


One Bad Day – Circa 2003 (Cam – Vox & Guitar, Corey – Bass, Adam – Drums)


Regge’s Dead

If Only

Space Freak

Can you be saved




Present Day Theory – Circa 2008 (Cam – Vox & Guitar, Corey – Bass, Nicko – Drums)


Thank You.


Glass Eyes

The Pier

Where Angels Burn