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We had a fantastic time at Whole Lotta Love!

Wow what a night at Whole Lotta Love!

Debut gig for the band “Crowded” opening up the whole night of shenannigans, and what a voice Merryn Lesley has! Make sure you keep an eye out for these guys! Soulful and lovely. A very impressive debut! Well done to Logan, Cale and Merryn!

Logan Irwin then took the stage solo and played some of his looping material, and wow – you need to hear him solo as well!


Then onto Ian Maddick and his partner Monique Shelford – Seriously I had hairs standing up on my arms for these guys – they simply have to be heard – the way their vocals combine to create harmony is just out of this world, this is all before you hear Ian’s amazing looping songs – which paint a rich textual carpet of sound.

Mosey Jokers then brought their raw power and passion to the table to great effect! (sorry fellas, I didn’t manage to get any pics!)

And finally, Us – with Ian Maddick and his amazing sax work.

A fun gig all around and many thanks to those that supported us both on the stage and in the crowd!


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